Redefining drug targeting to maximize success in clinical trials

MEDiC supports preclinical cancer drugs survive in the clinical trials, where traditionally only about 10% of drug pass the trials and survive.

High failure = Expensive drug

93.3 %

Failure rate of oncology drugs at Phase I (2004-2011)

3 Major Failure Reasons

Lack of Biomarkers

Hidden resistance mechanisms

Lack of Target validation

MEDIC’s Solution

MEDiC provides a new approach to identify biomarkers and mechanisms of resistance for oncology drugs before they enter the clinic


Genome-scale CRISPR/Cas9 functional genomics tool imbedded in hundreds of cancer organoids per cancer type

3D cancer organoids, more accurately recapitulate tumors in human body

Our preclinical model tests the effect of millions of genetic variations on the response to a drug


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